White Label SEO

How We Can Handle Clients for Your Business

White Label SEO represents an alternative approach to online marketing from the traditional model of SEO content being provided directly to businesses and companies looking to promote their services and products and improve their brand visibility on the internet.

Rather, White Label SEO is based upon collaboration between an SEO content provider and an SEO content reseller who are working for a client. The content providers deliver the the website content, blog material, and other online material to the SEO content resellers who handle the clients as their own and then charge for the content.

Essentially White Label SEO is a third-party reselling agreement – often the SEO content resellers are IT marketing companies who receive commissions to build websites and e-commerce systems and require high-quality content and marketing expertise to make the most of the commercial potential offered by the internet.

Within this agreement the terms and prices for the SEO content are controlled by the SEO reseller as the end-client is theirs. The SEO content provider is not revealed to the client of the reseller at any point during the process.

This dynamic should be mutually beneficial for all three parties. The SEO content providers get to work with new clients who may require their services on a rolling basis, and through constant commissions they are able to stay on top of the constantly shifting mechanics behind search engines. New commissions from resellers keep SEO content providers on their toes and tuned into new problems and approaches surrounding search engines such as Google and Bing.

For the SEO content resellers using White Label SEO enables them to keep their own client list and operate on their own terms and with their own company identity. It also means they deliver first-rate SEO web content produced by leading experts who have deep knowledge and understanding of the principles that inform online marketing.

The content they resell with their own branding will therefore come from providers with long experience and expertise of the algorithms behind search engine rankings. By using specific keywords and links the SEO web content resold will lead to an improvement in the status a client company within the rankings of a search engine like Google.

End-clients are specifically looking for this result – with first-class SEO content being delivered, they can watch as their company appears higher within search rankings and generates more hits and visitors to their website. With more interested web users looking at their website there is a far greater chance of sales increasing and profits going up.

At Webseekers we can manage clients for you if you are an SEO reseller, and provide high-quality content and features that carry your logo and company name – you retain the client, but we will provide the SEO content.