Local SEO

Local SEO

What It Is – How It Can Aid Your Business

Local SEO is an approach to web-marketing focused less on your broad appeal to internet users, and more on local residents and consumers who provide the majority of your trade and revenue. It is an approach that is especially important for businesses and companies who rely on local trade such as shops, small to medium sized businesses and commercial retailers, individual restaurants or food outlets, surgeries, and for tradesmen working from fixed addresses.

Local SEO includes the fundamental elements of search engine optimization rather than providing a complete alternative – so using particular keywords within your web content and building links within your website to a company blog or other web domains and sites are still vital methods within your SEO strategy.

However, Local SEO goes a step further than these processes and focuses on specific local profiling for your business. It combines building a platform for your company on search engine hosting service sites, with developing customer reviews and citations within directory websites.

Altogether these methods will improve the ranking of your company website within search engine results and increase your web visibility for internet users seeking the services that you offer. The result of this should be increased enquiries, business, and revenue.

Developing citations or mentions of your company within reputable directory websites is one element of Local SEO. Mentions of your company on websites such as yell.com, checkatrade.com, or ratedpeople.com are taken into account by the algorithms behind search engines such as Google. More and more citations on these sites will increase your company standing within search results provided to internet users when they search for keywords or phrases associated with your business.

Constructing a profile for your business on Google Plus is another key part of developing your Local SEO. Your profile will need to include the company name, address, map location, and contact details and a link to your main website. This will mean that when a generic search for similar services to yours and your location are typed into Google it will bring up a list and map of providers along with the list of main web addresses for companies. On the map will be pointers indicating the locations and company details of a variety of providers. Once you have established a Google Plus profile, your company will be included in this list and on the accompanying map.

Reviews of your services can be included within your Google Plus profile. The more reviews you have, then the higher your company will be ranked in the search results of local companies listed on the map. So making sure you ask clients for feedback is a crucial element of improving your Local SEO. The incentive for them is that they can leave their reviews online and in just a few brief sentences have their say, without having to fill out a long questionnaire that has to be sent back to you.