05 Jan 2015

Responsive Web Design – Is yours?

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If your online presence is important to your business then you probably look at all aspects of your website such as its marketing, the content and the design on a frequent basis.

The design and functionality of your website in particular will highly determine the success of your online presence.  For one, it needs to look fit for purpose and provide the appropriate information for the visitor in the most user friendly manner.  But importantly, the site itself needs to cater for the devices that people will be using to view your site.

Times have changed and so has the way in which people access the internet.  The world is flooded with many types of smartphones and tablets that have revolutionised the way we access information, share information, communicate and buy online.  Historically, web designers would only need to design websites that would be viewed on desktop machines or laptops but now screen sizes are different, how we navigate is different along with the challenges of evolving technology.  It is for these reasons why business must look at their web site and ensure that the design is responsive.

A responsive web design allows the user to view your website comfortably across multiple devices to access information, procure a product or request a service at ease.  Features such as minimal scrolling and resizing, simple menu structures and reduced need for zooming all helps to the user journey and viewing experience.

There are huge benefits to your website having a responsive web design.  Not only will it mean your users are likely to use your site, but it will mean that their experience will be a more positive one.  From a commercial perspective you only need a single site design to cater for the ever growing means of accessing the internet online, you don’t need separate website designs for mobile devices and another for tablet etc.

All in all a fully responsive website will future proof your business to cater for the day on day internet traffic growth from mobile devices.

Did you know? – Over half of all IP traffic will originate with non-PC devices by 2018 – Source :Visual Networking Index (VNI)