Why spend thousands on a website when nobody can find you?

Improve your online visibility, get more relevant traffic and increase your sales through Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). SEO is a proven technique when carried out effectively, not only can it pay for the investment you have made on your website but it will also help your business flourish and allow you to get ahead of your competitors. We thrive on achieving results for all of our clients and our teams work will with you right from the start to design and implement a powerful SEO strategy for your business.Our SEO Campaigns include;
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SEO-MonitoringSEO Monitoring
SEO-MonitoringLink Building
SEO-MonitoringKeywords & Rankings
SEO-CopywritingSEO Copywriting
SEO-MonitoringWebsite Optimisation
What is SEO?
Search Engine Optimisation is a method of improving and adapting a website in order to increase its standing within the search results provided by search engines such as Google, Bing, and

Companies or organisations that pay attention to their SEO methods will be higher rated within the search results and are therefore more likely to increase their level of web traffic, the amount of business they receive, and their consequent revenues.

SEO is therefore a key element of marketing for companies and vital for the effective promotion of their products and brand. Businesses should understand that the vast majority of web users today use search engines as their homepages and begin browsing with a website such as Google or Bing. Research suggests that something like 90 per cent of all web users use Google to search for products or services that they require.

So ensuring that your company shows up close to the top of search engine listings will help to generate as much business as possible. Not attending to your company website and maximising its potential will leave you missing out on potential revenue and trade.

The process of making your website search engine-friendly can be conducted through using keywords within the content of your site, or through link-building and developing connections within the website between pages, or with external web sites.

Fundamentally, it is about putting yourself in the position of a potential customer looking for services – they will want clarity and the most reputable firm that they can find. Using SEO techniques will help to draw them to your website and make sure they find the service provider that they need.

Search engines function through algorithms that rank pages according to the terms typed into their search box. They calculate how well a website fits the terms of the search through the number and type of links to the site, and the relevance and presence of the keywords included in the search terms. The more links to reputable external websites or internal pages you have, then the more authoritative your own company website will be regarded as by the search engine.

The search engine algorithms are specifically designed to filter spam websites that are packed with keywords and are designed to rank highly in searches despite offering little by way of genuine content or information to web users. These spam websites will rarely contain well-organised links despite the presence of keywords.

The search engine providers are constantly tinkering with and changing their algorithms so constantly improving the content and links within your website is an important element of SEO.

A company can measure their success as time goes on by increases in direct navigation hits, and the number of visitors using links to reach your business website.