Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

“Reach, Interact and be connected”

Strengthen your marketing efforts and increase your customer communication with our affordable mobile app product.

Many small to medium sized businesses have faced financial challenges to get on-board with their own mobile app for their business. The sheer cost of having your own custom developed app can run into tens of thousands of pounds which puts a stop to the show for many businesses.

For this reason, businesses believed mobile apps are only within the reach of large corporates and blue chips; however the reality is that more and more smaller businesses such as restaurants, bars, health clubs and even beauty salons are already embracing the benefits of mobile apps. Businesses like these have widened their marketing efforts with a view to interact smartly and communicate more effectively with their client base.

Why have a Webseekers mobile app?

There are so many powerful reasons why small to medium sized business should consider a mobile app for their business. The key benefits are:

Establish a Direct Method of Marketing

Mobile Apps offer many great features and our offering will allow your business to provide valuable information to your clients such as product or service prices, booking one of your services, product videos or even vital news about your company. With the added functionality of ‘Push Notifications’ you can instantly interact with your client by reminding them of a special promotion/offer for the weekend or share important news about your business or the industry.

Create Business Visibility

You may have heard of the saying ‘Out of sight, out of mind’ well with your new mobile app that will no longer be the case. All your customers who have downloaded your business mobile app on their smartphone or portable device have in essence immediate access to you and equally you can direct them them to specific content through clever push notification messages.

Did you know?

  • Mobile Apps can function off-line unlike conventional web browsing
  • Some mobile web sites can take a long time to load, your mobile app will load instantly and will always be available from the device home screen.

Simplified Prices and Management

Our mobile business app has been made affordable for small businesses through a single set-up fee and monthly access fee. The product is accessed just like a pay as you go service with no minimum term in place.

To discuss commercial pricing simply get in contact with us today.

Get Started

We’ve taken the complication out of creating web apps through our streamlined processes and can have you up and running in as little as a few weeks.