Dedicated Desktop IT Training Solutions

Dedicated Desktop IT Training Solutions

Totally tailored IT training to meet your exact needs

Our end user training offering is designed from the bottom up! From the very start it is all about you, your work environment and your needs. Our carefully constructed training approach fuses industry experience, training knowledge and expertise to get individuals confident and productive with work based tasks. We carry out a detailed Training needs Analysis to capture everything that is required to custom design a single course or even a entire training development programme. We offer 1 to 1 end user training in all Microsoft desktop applications that is delivered onsite in the comfort of your own work environment. If you are constantly struggling to create that powerful PowerPoint presentation or even that business spreadsheet then get in touch with us.
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Dedicated IT Training Solutions – Desktop Users
Within the modern workplace it is vitally important that the staff and employees of your company are well-trained and able to operate computer systems and software packages that are integral for the smooth functioning of your business. A knowledgeable and well-trained staff will also be an efficient and productive work-force and make the day-to-day running of your business easier.

At Webseekers we can provide comprehensive IT training solutions for your company, with a special focus on helping business directors and senior management staff. We offer a bespoke training service that begins with an in-depth assessment and discussion on your particular requirements and areas of your IT systems that you believe staff need some extra training to use effectively.

The training program can be focused on any area you feel you want to particularly address, such as new and updated software or unlocking the potential for your business in software features which your staff are not currently making the most of. Our training program can fill in these gaps in your knowledge and unlock the potential of your IT systems. Having paid to install software systems it is important for your business to get the best out of your investment.

This initial process is entitled our Training Needs Analysis, and enables our training staff to design and craft a course to help you and your staff. Once the course has been designed and checked with you then we will set up a time and date to deliver the training program.

Our training programs are one-on-one, and fitted around your work routines. Our support and consultancy can be relied upon for up to eight weeks following the actual course in case of any further problems and questions.

The Training Needs Analysis also enables us to draw up specific and clear learning objectives that you are looking to achieve during the duration of the training. We provide a guarantee that these goals are met and you gain the skills and knowledge that you are looking for. Our training staff possess experience of the corporate world and can bring their expertise and experience to any business problems associated with your IT and software systems.

We can provide a particular focus on the nuances and subtleties of harnessing the internet to market and promote your business, or focus on training across the Microsoft suite. This can involve examining and introducing you to the various features and applications available on Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Project, and the various tools of Microsoft Access.