Content Management Systems

Web Content Management Systems are software platforms that enable users to create web content to be added to your website without requiring specialist IT training or knowledge of web design and programming. This allows companies to develop and manage their websites and its content without needing to employ the services of a specialist IT professional every time they wish to update their website.

At Webseekers we can set up and install a Content Management System and get your website up and running before leaving you and your employees to add to and develop your site as and when you desire. You may find it useful to appoint someone as a system administrator with duties to oversee updates and new content, but the maintenance of the website will be in your hands.

Multiple users can add new content, so employees from all divisions of your company can produce informed and expert content concerning their particular field. You can add information about new products and promotional deals you may wish to run, research on new market developments, information on new projects and company objectives, or just reaction to news items.

The most commonly employed Content Management Systems are WordPress and Joomla. Many employees will be familiar with their operating systems already as they provide hosting systems for blogs. Both systems provide templates to which you can add content, images, and video material and then add to your existing website. This means that they are well-structured and easy-to-use for anyone without the need for large amounts of IT training or specialist knowledge or experience.

WordPress and Joomla possess the further benefit of being free to use – there may be additional software that you may wish to install at a later date for which there is a fee, but to simply use the system to develop web content and add it to your company website there will be no cost.

Using Content Management Systems to keep adding new material to your website will ensure your clients and potential customers look at your company as being up-to-date with market movements and developments. Allowing your staff to provide content on their area of expertise is an excellent method of showing to clients how professional and knowledgeable your company is in your chosen field.

Constantly adding new material is also hugely valuable for your company from an SEO perspective as well. New content featuring keywords and links to external and internal websites and pages are a vital factor in improving your place within search engine rankings such as on Google. An improvement in your website visibility through taking care over your SEO strategy can lead to more hits for your website and more customers for your business.